Google Request Indexing Error: How to Troubleshoot

May 27, 2020

It was one of those days when you had some very important information to be shared among the target audience and decided to write a comprehensive article with lots of videos and images.

You know that the article is going to rank on Google search not only because of the content quality but also because of the resources and research data that you have added to it.

Soon after publishing the content you want it to be indexed on Google as soon as possible. You go to search console and adds the URL in the Inspect URL and click on Google’s “Request Indexing.”

Inspect URL

Alas – The search console displays an error – and your URL is not getting indexed no matter what you do.

You try multiple times to get you paged indexed using the Inspect URL feature and there is no avail as Search Console continues displaying the same error message when you request indexing in Google Search Console.

Request Indexing Error

This is now a recurring problem among webmasters who have pages with a great amount of text, images, and embeds.

To try whether this is the case with the rest of the pages on your website, select one page that has minimum content and request indexing. I’m pretty sure that Google will accept your index request.

This is happening quite frequently for websites that have a lot of multimedia content on pages. The sad part is, the Googlebot also fails to index these sites.

I did an analysis of the pages that display this error and on an average 6 out of 10 pages with manual Google Request Indexing error was not recrawled and re-indexed by Google for at least 20 days.

There are discussions on Twitter and Google Webmasters Form about the same issue but Google has not been able to find a fix for these.

webmaster screenshot

How to Fix Google Request Indexing Error?

There is no official fix for this error as of now. But Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes has requested volunteers to send him the URLs of pages that display the Google Request Indexing Error.

As of now, there are a few temporary fixes for this issue

  • Break the content within the page to multiple pages
  • Remove the Embeds
  • Remove/Resize Images
  • Speed up the load speed of the Page
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